Kid's Dream Spotlight: Obviously Marvelous Discovers the Perfect Kid's Dress

Posted by Kid's Dream Team on Aug 27, 2017 3:24:44 PM

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We are excited to see Kid's Dream get such an incredible review from a favorite resource for family, lifestyle and motherhood reading: Oviously Marvelous.

Obviouslu Marvelous is written by Marcie aka Mar, whose strong-willed and opinionated mind comes through in her articles and reviews! Marcie's blog covers topics fromfamily and entertainment to beauty, home life, health and travel. As you sift through the plethora of information through the lens of a passionate woman and writer, be prepared to find yourself in a never-ending blackhole (the good kind!) of useful information and entertainment!

Check out Mar's recent review of Kid's Dream dresses, here where her reveiw states, the Kid's Dream "selection includes a plethora of gorgeous dresses for every season, formal wear for boys, first communication clothing, christening gowns and a wide selection of accessories that are sure to complete any awesome ensemble."

Maddox (model) and Mar specifically loved the Madelyn Multi-Sequin Trio Color Tulle Dress ($69). She says, the dress "is nothing short of a showstopper! Between its carefully crafted sequin bust, adorable tie back sash, large detailed accent flower and layers upon layers of stunning tulle, this gorgeous piece is perfect for any special occasion. I certainly appreciated the modest knee length and the easy to fasten zip closure, as well as the fact that this dress is made right here in the United States."

Click here to read Mar's full story and review. Big thanks to Mar for sharing her love and appreciation for our craft!



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